Dos Caminos

Music Video

CLIENT: Revolucion Sinestesia, Music group
WORK: Audiovisual Production
YEAR: 2013

Revolusion Sinestesia is a modern rock band from Bariloche, they contact us to produce the video for his song "2 Caminos", with the idea to film in Piedra Parada, a canyon with cliffs over 100 meters high, located 65 kilometers from the nearest town, a difficult place for production but promised spectacular scenery. We decided to risk and embarked on three days of shooting that exceeded all expectations.


We developed the script with the idea to film all in the same location, the band playing on one side and a story that takes place in the surroundings, the story shows the singer that follows two paths, one following a flat valley and other climbing steep slopes. As expected the easy road carries to a dark place, while the difficult at the end is worth it.


It was necessary to develop a shooting schedule that adapted to local conditions, we had only two hours of electricity per day to charge batteries and download the footage that was shot during the day, the transportation of our equipment and the band equipment could only be done by hand because the canyon is a natural reserve and is not allow enter with vehicles.


The entire clip was shot with two Canon 5D Mark III, the format was 1920x1080 25fps and then cropped in 2.35:1, we shot in superflat mode and then we made a color grading to achieve the cold and warm tones we needed for the last part of the story.